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NSBE SCSD Chapter Alumni Spotlight

Myles Cherebin is the 2018 Nottingham High School Valedictorian and an Incoming Freshman to Cornell University


My career plans: I plan on becoming a computer engineer and working on the technology of the future.

My plans in the next few years: Next year I will be attending Cornell University and will be studying Electrical and Computer Engineering.

What I've enjoyed the most about my high school experience: I have enjoyed attending National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) conventions with my friends.


(provided via on 6/1/2018)

Corey is a Graduate of the University of Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.

"Being an active member in NSBE throughout my high school years has definitely made an impact on my development and growth as a person and a better student in college. Not only did it add to my interest in the STEM fields, but it also helped me better my communication and organizational skills. Being the  president of the SCSD NSBE Jr. Chapter gave me a chance to experience leadership roles which I took on in two organizations on my campus. One aspect I truly enjoyed about being part of NSBE was the opportunity to attend the regional and national conferences held at different places each year. 


Along with attending the conferences, the SCSD chapter set up times for us to tour the region we were in, visiting popular landmarks, museums, and other attractions. NSBE will always be a part of me and I am excited to see what the society has in store for the years to come. ONE FIYAH!"


(submitted 2/21/2015)

We would like to hear from you NSBE SCSD Alumni!

Please be sure to contact us to let us know how you are doing in college and in the workforce!

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